The PassaPorts is a ticket to discover, experience and have fun with the cultural heritage of l’Alt Pirineu and Aran.

With the PassaPorts you will have discounts on the entrances of 14 museums and heritage facilities and if you visit more than 6, you will be able to participate in a unique activity organized exclusively for the PassaPorts holders that have travelled the most: discover places that are closed to the public, talk to the keepers, participate in workshops,…

Check here the exclusive activities that the 14 museums and heritage facilities of the PassaPorts offer you.

Furthermore, the PassaPorts is a travel notebook where you will be able to write all your experiences and collect discoveries, all the things learnt, stories and experiences. It is also a diary to write where did you have lunch or what was the weather like or everything that surprises you about each museum. You can make drawings in it or stick tree leaves, the ticket of the gas station or a photograph.

Let your imagination go and you will have an unforgettable memory!

The advantages of the PassaPorts: