How does it work?

1 Buy the PassaPorts at any museum or heritage facility participant.

2 Visit the museums and the heritage facilities that are associated to the PassaPortsand get to know l’Alt Pirineu and Aran taking advantage from the 20% to the 50%discount on the price of the ticket.

3 Mark each page with the corresponding stamp and make notes of all you learn, how you get there, what do you eat, who do you meet…

4 When you visit 6 museums or more visit and choose the exclusive activity that interests you the most.

5 Contact the corresponding museum and make an appointment for the activity chosen.

6 Participate in the exclusive activity, you have earned it! (Only for PassaPorts holders that have visited 6 or more museums and heritage facilities).

7 When finished, keep the PassaPorts safe, it is a great souvenir!

Terms and Conditions:

  • The PassaPorts is personal and transferable: each PassaPorts has a unique holder however, it can be used by different people.
  • The discounts announced on the website of each museum or facility will only apply to the cost of the ticket according to the characteristics of each visitor (the person that makes the visit, regardless of if he or she is the holder or not)
  • The discounts are only valid once per visitor and per visit.
  • At each visit the PassaPorts will get a stamp on the corresponding page of the museum or facility visited. Once the stamp has been given, the PassaPorts will not allow any more discounts in that museum or facility.
  • The exclusive activity will only be allowed to those PassaPorts holders that have visited a minimum of 6 museums or heritage facilities that are associated to the PassaPorts.
  • The PassaPorts is only sold to over 10 year olds. The children who are under the age of 10 will be allowed to participate in the exclusive activities even though they are not holders of a PassaPorts. However, the age for free tickets varies in each museum, so even if they are not holders of a PassaPorts they will have to pay the entrance ticket required according to the age.
  • The PassaPorts holders can only chose exclusive activities from the ones that areorganized by the museums that have been visited.
  • The programme of exclusive activities can be checked at
  • To do an exclusive activity, the user must contact the museum or the facility incharged of organizing it and make an appointment. Places may be limited.
  • The PassaPorts holders have a year to do the exclusive activity from the date of thesixth museum or facility visited.
  • The PassaPorts is only valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • The PassaPorts costs 5,00€.